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the letter to Dr. Singer

first letter

Dear Dr. Singer:

            I am so glad to read your interview. You said that the climate change is a natural phenomenon. I think that I agree with this point of the climate change because climate can keep changing all the time. However, I disagree with why you said that humans’ activities are not a threat to climate change. The climate has been cooled down because more data prove humans’ activities are main focus of affected the climate to accelerate warming. Global warming is serious problem in the world.  

When humans used “fossil fuels” such as oil, gas and coal, it created too much carbon to the earth’s atmosphere. However, before industrial revolution, Humans did not know how to control them use of energy, and then they thought that nature provided enough “fossil fuels” for them. Therefore, humans adopted the “fossil fuels” too much, which influenced the climate caused the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect has been affecting the global warming for two reasons. The first reason is when rays from the sun that reach the surface of the earth warm the ground, but because of carbon dioxide the rays are not then re-emitted or sent back into space. So temperature is increasing in the world. The second reason is humans use too much of “fossil fuels” to develop the industry and their lives. For example, in pre-industrial time, carbon dioxide is released about 280 PPM to atmosphere, but carbon dioxide was release over 360PPM to atmosphere at the present. Because of humans use natural energy devilishly, lots of carbon dioxide is released to the earth’s atmosphere, and then carbon dioxide affects the climate to accelerate warming. Therefore, Humans’ activities have a direct influence on the global warming.

Humans’ activities are not only affecting the global warming, they are also polluting our environment and destroying the ozone. When humans develop their industry they release pollutants and chemicals, which is bad for the ozone and environment. Furthermore, when ozone was destroyed, ultraviolet radiation can harm all life on earth because ozone could not absorb most of the dangerous ultraviolet. Therefore, humans’ activities have a serious influence on the global environments. If humans want them and their progenitors to have a better environment to live in, then they must know how to use natural energy and they must avoid pollutants and chemical pollute environment.

            Today, the climate is still warming, but it is not deteriorating because humans know that the global warming is a dangerous problem. They try to save energy to reduce carbon dioxide that is released in atmosphere. Although the global warming is not deteriorating right now, the climate can not cool down because the global warming already influences most areas.  It is like global warming change the cold winter to warm winter in some countries. Because of The greenhouse effect, a part of the polar ice caps are melting. Furthermore, sea levels rise up. Therefore, the climate changes is not only affects weather, but it also causes earthquakes, tsunamis, floods in the worth. For example, the tsunami that occurred in the south of Asia on Christmas day, Because of more people did not know that the tsunami would occur in here, they did not left here. Furthermore, the earthquake caused the tsunami from the bottom of the sea. Therefore, more people were dead and more places were polluted in the disaster area. This is a bad and sad thing in the worth. Furthermore, it give a advice to humans that if they continues to waste the natural energy, then these terrific things will be come back again, or the most fearful disaster to cause in the world.

            Overall, improving the global warming and pollution are necessary works for humans. Thank you for your time in reading my letter, I hope you take my suggestion into consideration because you a          re an atmospheric physicist in the society, and then most people read your interview of “what is up with the weather.”  If you predict some wrong ideas for the climate, then it might influence humans to realize the problem of the global warming.


Jinci Lei

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