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Mathemaitcs and Learning


         Most parents believe their babies can learn most things, so they will teach their babies when they already pregnancy. Although most parents hope their babies learn fast or be smart, the scientists said that if humans’ brains had been lesion, which influence them to learning and mathematics. Furthermore, humans think that they have same way between with learning and mathematics because these two things need step by step to learn. According to learning mathematic systems, humans can develop their learning. For me, I get the same way to learning English. On the whole, because of learning mathematics, I know how to improve my English. Therefore, I think that mathematics and learning have very important relationship in my life.

            Humans have a “number line” in their brain when they are born. A “number line” can help them to better learn mathematic and other things. However, if humans suffered from the inferior parietal cortex of the left hemisphere on the side of the brain lesion, then it feel very hard for them to learn mathematics and other things because a “ number line” was damaged in their brain, and then the brain is the most important organ in humans’ body. For example, in the “The Mathematical Brain,” “Dehaene believes that patients were suffering from “acalculia” which is relatively common neurological deficit, people acalculia is unable to perform mathematic calculations. Furthermore, Dehaehne believes that “the approximate man,” is able to tell which of two numbers was bigger, but they could not read, nor add, nor multiply them.” And then the brain control human to think and do anything. If it is damaged, then humans confused right and left, they could not name the fingers of the hand or find a finger when it was named for them, and they could not write. Furthermore, humans would be having a big problem for their action, and then it can influence them to learning. Therefore, a “number line” is important for humans learn math and other things.

 Although Humans have a “number line” in their brain, they still need go to school to learn bigger numbers and other knowledge from their teachers. Because of learning from teachers, children can get ideas or thoughts for learning and mathematics in their brain. According to the “Learning and Mathematics: Multiplication by Lampert.” Lampert proved that the teachers can help students make explicit their ideas about analyzing and solving problems. Therefore, education is very important for children, and teachers can help and give some ideas to children for learning. Nevertheless, children must step by step to learning because it is basic procedure of learn mathematics and other things. After this time, children can not rely on the authority of a book or teachers too much when they got problem from learning because teachers and books help children how to get good ideas from learning. But children need learn how to find main points and try to analyze from learning by themselves. When children understand these ideas in their mind, they will get more knowledge from learning. Then they might have a better future in their lives.

            When humans learn mathematics, it can help them to develop their learning because when humans think how to do mathematics, it can develop their thought and mind, which help them to remember more things. For example, in “Language by Cocking and Chipman,” Cocking and Chipman said that “a student’s range of comfort may be beyond what the teacher expects, and even within one’s comfort level creating problem for oneself may prove more interesting and challenging than tacking those the teacher would normally assign.” When humans do mathematics, they will think most ideas to solve the math question. Humans understand every procedure in do math, which help them how to learn other things. Furthermore, they can develop this idea to get some different knowledge by themselves. Humans can learn the mathematic system to create other questions for learning because the mathematic system can teach them how to do better in learning. In the “Multiplication by Lampert,” “they need to be asked questions whose answers can be ‘figured out’ not by relying on memorized rules for moving numbers around but by thinking about what numbers and symbol mean, and they need to see connections between what they are supposed to learning in school and things they care about understanding outside of school, and these connections need to be related to the substance of what they are supposed to be learning.” After humans learn mathematics, they will get new idea to other things and have enough confidence in their ability to do anything because humans are successful in one thing, they can get confidence to analyze how to solve other things.

             I think that mathematics can help me to learn English because I believe that learn mathematic is like learn English, and these two things need step by step to learn. When I learn in Kingsborough Community College, I could not understand what people are talking about and I did not know how to write essay. Therefore, I took ESL classes to improve my poor English. But I felt very uncomfortable and sad for my poor English in classroom. Furthermore, I know that English is very important in America. When I failed ESL07 in first semester, I did not want to learn English because I lost confidence to learn English. Therefore, I wished “God” could help me, and “God” could give more knowledge about English to me. Then I did not worry about learning other things in the school. Nevertheless, this wish could not become true. One day, my friend asked me how to do the mathematic question. When I read this question, I felt confused. However, I still tried to do it. I used step by step to solve this question. Eventually, I help her to solve this question and I explained to her how to calculate it. After this time, I understood that this mathematic question is similar to learning English. I must spend many hours to learn English in one day because English is my second language and I need step by step to increase knowledge for English from the ESL classes. Although my English is not very good right now, I believe that I can improve it because I have confidence in it and I am not afraid to learn English any more.

            A “number line” and education are important to humans learn mathematics and other things.  When humans learn math and other things again and again, then their brains will become very smart. According to learn mathematics, humans can know how to learn other things. Therefore, humans can develop other things from mathematic. Some people do not like to learn mathematic. However, they can try to do math to find some interest things. At this time, they might not hate to learn mathematic again. For me, I though that I could not improve my poor English, but I found some ideas to learn English from do and learn mathematics. Therefore, I think that mathematics is connected with my learning. I like mathematic and learning.

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